MetaPLoP is a PLoP-like gathering focused on the specific topic of meta-architectures, adaptive object-models, and reflective systems. The main goal of MetaPLoP is to “mine” the best patterns that have been written about these topics and organize them into a common theme that can tell a great story that we can publish in a focused issue of the TPLoP Journal.

How to Prepare for MetaPLoP?

The main way to prepare is to read the previously written work on the related topics from the following collection of papers. All participants should point out any other patterns that they think are relevant and not on the list. These will get added to the list.

There will not be time for a lot of reading at MetaPLoP. We will primarily be interacting with each other on the patterns, so, as much of the reading should be done in advance as possible. There will always be cases of “I should have read that, let me go off for 30 minutes and skim it”, but we will not have time for people to sit around reading things all day when we are at the event.

Participants should try to make a list of “pattern X in this paper is the same as pattern Y in that paper” in advance of the meeting; then we’ll have a lot better idea of how things should be connected. However, we expect a lot of that to happen at the meeting.

We also need to pick a common format to use for any common works we put into TPLoP. For example, Ralph Johnson told us that he really likes the format of the paper “Adaptive Object-Model Metadata Evolver”. He said it would be great if we ended up with that for a format. But we can probably not decide on a format before the meeting.

Instead, participants should consider what format they want to use and we can post it as one of the possibilities. People should come to the meeting having thought about these formats and being prepared to argue their case. Or maybe everybody likes a certain format and the decision will be easy.

What is expected to result from MetaPLoP?

The main result is the gathering of what we consider to be the definitive work on the subject. It doesn’t matter if it is 100 pages or more. We could aim for a book, but it is such a specialized subject that a book would never sell that many copies. TPLoP is a better form for a specialized subject like this as it will end up in thousands of libraries around the world, and we can still put a version on the internet for people to read it as well.

Mostly we will end up with a set of our core patterns, a common format we will start to work with, and a work list for followup on the writing of the patterns. It is proposed that we will meet again for a focused MetaPLoP workshop at PLoP in Portland.

Who will attend?

  • confirmed: Joseph Yoder, Hugo Sereno Ferreira, Filipe Correia, Eduardo Guerra, Ademar Aguiar, Lior Schachter, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Allen Wirfs-Brock

How to register?

Please send us an email to confirm your participation.

When and where it will be?

The conference is underway! It will start on the dinner of 24th June, and we will depart early evening on 26th June. This is the weekend after Agile Portugal 2011.

Conference attendees will be staying at the Aquapura Douro Valley hotel.  We have reserved the rooms for all attendees.


17:00 Porto → Venue, by car
20:00 welcome dinner
21:30 planning meeting
22:30 BoF
09:00 session
10:30 break
11:00 session
12:30 lunch
14:00 relax
15:00 session
16:30 break
17:00 session
18:30 relax
19:30 dinner
21:00 BoF
09:00 session
10:30 break
11:00 session
12:30 lunch
14:00 relax
15:00 session
16:30 break
17:00 wrapup
18:00 Venue → Porto, by car



  • Ademar Aguiar
  • Hugo Ferreira
  • Filipe Correia
  • Joe Yoder

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